We have designed the following packages to suit your needs at different points of your company’s growth. We can also put together an ad hoc package for your specific needs, please get in touch.

Startup Essential Package

Avoid risky situations by investing in the right legal documents to protect and build your business. Vault Legal has put together the Essential Startup Package to assist startups turn their new ideas or products into successful businesses.

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Franchise System Package

Our Franchise System Package contain the basic documents and introductory mentoring necessary for you to establish your own franchised business.

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Intellectual Property (“IP”) Protection Package

The most valuable asset of a business is its new ideas or products and preventing those from being copied or stolen by employees, competitors or other third parties is critical to the long term viability and success of any startup. The IP Protection Package provides startups with the essential tools and documents to protect their valuable intellectual property.

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E-commerce Package

Every startup that sells products or services online needs to protect their legal and commercial interests and must comply with all relevant e-commerce and consumer laws, including the Australian Consumer Law. As more people are shopping online, the E-commerce Package is essential to any e-commerce startup.

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Human Resources Lite Package

We understand how time consuming and difficult it can be to manage employees in a complex and often confusing industrial relations environment. Vault Legal take the stress out of hiring your first employee or independent contractor so you can focus on building your business. Our Lite HR Package is designed to give you the basic tools to engage your first employee or independent contractor.

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Human Resources Essential Package

The essential HR package is designed to give you a solid foundation when hiring employees or independent contractors for your rapidly growing business as well as introducing you to the basic systems you need to protect your workplace and manage your employees or contractors.

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Custom Startup Package

Not sure what legal documents your business needs?

Vault Legal can custom create a package that is the perfect fit for your startup needs, budget and business objectives.

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