Vault Legal boasts substantial experience in all aspects of intellectual property law. Our highly skilled and commercially focused intellectual property lawyers assist clients to identify, register and commercialise their intellectual property assets, whether it be by way of transfer, development, licence or business acquisition.

Our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers assist clients to protect their intellectual property from unauthorised use and exploitation. We strongly believe in proactively and cost-effectively resolving intellectual property disputes through negotiation. However, if an intellectual property dispute cannot be resolved at the pre-litigation stage, Vault Legal can commence infringement proceedings to enforce our client’s intellectual property rights.

Vault Legal offer a range of intellectual property services, including:

  • intellectual property due diligence and audits, including trade mark clearance advice;

  • intellectual property portfolio management and strategic advice;

  • pre-litigation dispute resolution, such as sending cease and desist letters to the infringers, or providing clients with advice if they receive a letter of demand from an intellectual property owner;

  • enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights, including acting for clients in relation to trade mark and copyright infringement, misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law and passing off;

  • domain name and cybersquatting disputes;

  • trade mark and brand protection advice, including Australian and international trade mark registration;

  • copyright advice and moral rights, including ownership, assignment, infringement and defences to copyright infringement;

  • trade mark opposition, revocation and cancellation and infringement proceedings;

  • protecting intellectual property in the workplace, including protection of confidential information, know-how and trade secrets in the workplace;

  • commercialisation of intellectual property, including patent, trade mark and copyright licensing, sponsorship arrangements, research and development agreements, assignment or sale of intellectual property; and

  • anti-counterfeiting and parallel importation advice.

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