Fixed price

Vault Legal can charge you a fixed price for any matter. We will provide you with a fixed price and adhere to it. You pay for the work we do, rather than our time spent doing it. This safeguards you from any unexpected legal costs and provides your business with significant budgetary certainty.

Unlike other law firms, there are no hidden charges or surprise fees once the work is completed.

“We are focused on outcomes, not timesheets.”


Vault Legal offer retainers to clients who require ongoing legal support from a dedicated team of expert lawyers. Our retainers provide you with unlimited legal services for a fixed price. There are no locked in contracts.

Our retainers are a cost effective alternative to hiring a permanent in-house counsel or engaging expensive traditional law firms for your business.

“Our lawyers are dedicated to building long-term business relationships through a retainer arrangement rather than focusing on short term victories.”