Vault Legal’s experienced lawyers work with clients in the entertainment, media and sports industries to exploit and commercialise their talent and intellectual property, including image rights and creative works.

Vault Legal’s lawyers proactively and cost effectively protect the commercial interests and valuable intellectual property of clients in the entertainment, creative and sports industries.

Vault Legal offer a range of intellectual property services, including:

  • drafting production and co-production agreements, licensing, and distribution agreements, broadcasting and image rights agreements, publishing agreements, agency and promoter agreements, recording and 360° agreements, event hire agreements and major event agreements;

  • advising on workplace relations and employment matters, including drafting crew, athlete and talent management agreements, social medial influence agreements, freelancing and independent contractor agreements;

  • drafting endorsement, sponsorship, merchandise, publicity and advertising agreements;

  • advising on brand protection, including trade mark registration and domain name registration;

  • advising on copyright ownership and moral rights advice and dispute resolution;

  • establishing business structures for entertainment and sports businesses, including companies, trusts, partnerships or joint venture structures; and

  • providing privacy and defamation advice and dispute resolution.

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