Incorporation of a company – a startup should consider incorporating to protect the founders from personal liability for the debts of the business and to minimise their tax obligations.

Term sheet – outlines the key terms by which an investor will invest in the business.

Share subscription agreement – if a startup wants to attract investment it will need to offer equity to investors and a share subscription agreement details the terms of the investment.

Shareholders’ agreement/joint venture agreement/partnership agreement –  essential to the success of any business, such agreements govern the relationship between founders and establish their respective rights and obligations, including the decision making process, exit and profit share.

Business terms and conditions (supply of goods or provision of services) – business terms document the legal basis upon which a startup sells goods or services to customers, including contract formation, payment terms, delivery, cancellation and termination, and dispute resolution.

Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement – every startup should have a non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidential information it shares to attract investment.