As a technology savvy and innovative law firm, Vault Legal keeps up to date with the latest e-commerce trends and emerging technologies. We have an in-depth understanding of the legal and regulatory challenges facing the e-commerce and technology sectors.

We assist clients in the digital, online and e-commerce industries to exploit their technology and competitive advantage, safeguard their intellectual property and navigate the legal risks associated with operating in a rapidly evolving and high regulated environment.

Vault Legal’s lawyers are highly skilled at drafting and negotiating a wide range of e-commerce and technology agreements, including:

  • software development and licensing agreements, software app agreements, software distribution and support services agreements, software as a service (“SaaS”) agreements, escrow arrangements, end user agreements, software reseller agreements, systems integration agreements, maintenance and service level agreements;

  • cloud computing and data hosting agreements;

  • technology outsourcing and procurement agreements; and

  • e-commerce agreements, including website terms and conditions, online sales terms and conditions, website privacy policies and refund/return policies.

Vault Legal assist clients with a wide range of technology, digital and e-commerce projects, including:

  • the commercialisation of technology and intellectual property;

  • structuring and negotiating technology acquisitions, joint venture or outsourcing arrangements;

  • advising on electronic commerce and online transactions, content compliance, SPAM, data protection and privacy issues; and

  • advising on offshoring arrangements, including advising on the trans-border transfer of personal data;

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