Vault Legal offer estate planning, wills and probate services to individuals and families.

Estate planning is a complex area of law as many assets are not personally held by individuals but rather by family trusts, companies or superannuation funds. It is important to obtain expert legal advice to ensure that the assets of a loved one end up in the right hands.

We understand that every family is different and therefore each estate is unique. The changing nature of modern families, the often competing interests of family members and the intermingling of personal and business assets can give rise to estate disputes. We assist clients to develop effective strategies to protect their bequeathed assets and to mitigate the risk of estate disputes and litigation.

Our estates and succession lawyers adopt a personable and discreet approach to estate planning and probate disputes. We make the process of drafting wills and powers of attorney transparent and easy.

Vault Legal offer a range of legal services, including:

  • estate planning;

  • drafting wills;

  • drafting and advising on testamentary trusts;

  • guardian and administration orders;

  • superannuation and death benefit nominations;

  • powers of attorney (financial, medical and guardianship);

  • intestacy – advising clients on the distribution of an estate where no will has been made;

  • applications for grants of probate or letters of administration;

  • estate administration and assisting executors in the administration of estates; and

  • estate disputes.

To speak to a wills and estate lawyer call Vault Legal today on 1300 002 210 or send Vault Legal an .