Five Reasons to Have eCommerce Terms and Conditions

What are eCommerce Terms and Conditions?

eCommerce terms and conditions outline the rules that users must agree to in order to use your online store. In essence, they are a set of terms and conditions that protect both your business and your shoppers.


Five Reasons Why You Should Have eCommerce Terms and Conditions

An e-commerce business should have online sales terms and conditions for the following reasons:

  1. With eCommerce terms and conditions, your shoppers will have a clear understanding of how your business operates in relation to a range of matters, including placement of orders, price, payment, delivery, returns and personal information.
  2. Avoiding disputes. eCommerce terms and conditions can be very useful in avoiding and managing costly disputes and can include provisions setting out a mechanism for the parties to resolve disputes if one eventuates.
  3. Privacy. eCommerce terms and conditions containing privacy provisions ensure that personal information relating to your shoppers is handled legally. Personal information  collected may include a customer’s name, billing address, delivery address, telephone number, email address and payment details.
  4. Instilling trust. Without eCommerce terms and conditions, it can be difficult to have confidence in a website. Setting out the requisite and important legal information legitimises your business.
  5. Economical. The cost of obtaining eCommerce terms and conditions is small compared to the expense of a legal dispute. Having eCommerce terms and conditions can assist in avoiding litigation and its associated costs if a dispute arises.


Key Takeaway

eCommerce terms and conditions set out the agreement shoppers enter into when they buy from your online store. As has been illustrated, eCommerce terms and conditions have many  benefits and should be considered vital for every online business.

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